Dividend Aristocrats With Highest PAAY Portfolio

The Dividend Aristocrats are a high-quality group of stocks. As proven by their ability to raise the dividend every year for at least 25 years in a row, or more. Our back-tests have shown that buying quality dividend growth stocks, over the long-term, will produce market-beating results. But adding in the PAAY system, to identify the best-valued Aristocrats, should make the results even better. In our back-tests the high PAAY (undervalued) Aristocrats outperformed the low PAAY (overvalued) Aristocrats by almost 2% a year. Interestingly, both the undervalued and overvalued Aristocrat portfolios produced a better result than the simple S&P 500 portfolio.

Therefore, to incorporate both quality AND valuation, this portfolio was built by calculating the PAAY for all of the Dividend Aristocrats and buying the 15 with the highest PAAY (the most undervalued). After one year and one day (for tax purposes) we will sell them all, recalculate the PAAY and repeat the process once again buying the top 15. During the year all the dividends get reinvested back into the stock that paid them.


(Since 8/1/19 and As of 12/31/19)



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