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Simple Investing Methods for Achieving Excellent Investing Results​

At The Part-Time Investor we use dividend growth investing, the Dividend Aristocrats and the Dividend Champions to build portfolios and dividend income streams which are safe, reliable, and ever increasing.


Dividend Growth Investing

PTI will post articles which will help you learn both the basics, and the more advanced strategies, used to implement Dividend Growth Investing.

Stock Evaluations

We Show You How We Evaluate Stocks

PTI will demonstrate the system we use to evaluate stocks, highlight ones which presently meet our criteria, and show you classic DGI stocks which have demonstrated in the past the qualities we are looking for.

Portfolio Updates

Watch The Growth

Follow the 8 portfolios we post and update on PTI, to see how well they perform, both in terms of dividend growth, and over-all total return. You can also see how they are doing in relation to their benchmarks.


Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) is not a one size fits all technique. By following the PTI portfolios, reading the PTI book, and learning what other DGI investors do, you can tailor DGI to fit your goals, your personality and your life-style, while still staying true to the DGI philosophy.


4 live portfolios, and 4 model portfolios, all of which choose stocks from the Dividend Champions and the Dividend Aristocrats, using specific, well defined criteria, to create and manage dividend growth portfolios.


Average Annual Return

For the flagship portfolio, the KISS portfolio, which has been managed by PTI since 2013.


Average Annual Dividend Growth (DGR)

Over the last 5 years for the KISS Portfolio. 7.0% 5-year DGR for the Retirement Portfolio.


Stocks rated with “safe” dividends

The percentage of all the stocks in all the portfolios rated as “safe” by Simplysafedividends.com.

Learn what Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) is

Dividend Growth Investing (DGI) is a form of investing in which you only buy stocks which have raised their dividend year after year, without fail, for at least the last 5-years in a row.

Learn about Percent Above Average Yield (PAAY)

PAAY stands for Percent Above Average Yield. It is a measure of how much a stock’s yield is above or below its usual yield, and we use it to help us find undervalued stocks.

Find out which qualities make a good Dividend Growth Investor

We at PTI believe that to be a successful DGI investor you must embrace certain qualities, and attempt to adopt all of them as you learn, and put into practice, Dividend Growth Investing (DGI).

By Robert Hodges

The Part-Time Investor

There are simple investing methods that can give you safe, possibly even market beating results over the long-term. These methods focus on producing ever increasing dividend income, which can provide you all the money you need to live on in retirement.

By using information about the dividends that companies are paying, you can make wise investment decisions about which stocks to buy and which ones to sell. Much of the hard work has already been done for you, and the information we need is easy to find and easy to understand.

That is what The Part-Time Investor is about. Simple methods for investing in dividend growth stocks, such that you will have peace of mind and a safe portfolio which can sustain you through retirement.


DGI Insights and News


Monthly Dividend Increases (January 2019)

Year over year dividend growth is the engine that drives our returns.  So, it is important to keep track of the dividend increases for the companies we follow.  This is a list of the dividend increases announced for all the companies we follow, during the month of...

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